A special Today You Are Perfect

A special Today You Are Perfect

In our monthly reading series, "Today You Are Perfect," we bring poets and artists and listeners together to share their words. Afterward, everyone has the option to participate in a small question and answer session.

This month our cornucopia of goodness overflows with ten delectable readers. 

The Lineup: Jane Huffman, Chris Eck, Laura Felleman, Jenny Colville, Marquise Jackson, Becca Klaver, Raia Lichen, Jenny MacBain-Stephens, Shereena Honary, Micky Bayonne, Cory Hutchinson-Reuss, Lisa Roberts, Caleb "The Negro Artist" Rainey

Date & Time: Tuesday, November 24, 7:00-8:00 pm CT

Platform: Zoom. Email [email protected] to request the link. 


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