poetry // infrastructure

Infrastructures shape our cities and our daily lives, from roads to supply chains to technological platforms. We rely on them to help us keep in touch, express protest, and share creative endeavors. They link the personal and the public. Like physical and digital infrastructures, poetry can bridge distances, make pathways, create access, and shape community.           

Poetry // infrastructure activates this connective potential. The project draws on the tradition of the micropoem in order to facilitate inter-generational dialogue and creative engagement with the city. The project asks: what collaborations emerge as we tap into these forms and re-enliven them as visual art on the city’s physical structures, as online posts, and as embodied performance in communal spaces? Follow the links below to find out more.

Phase 1

“Dear City—” Workshops: Micropoems as Public Engagement

Local high school and adult poets address the city and their experiences in it. Read about the workshops and some of the poems that emerged from them.

Phase 2 

Poetry + Public Art: Making Voices Visible

A line of student poetry becomes vibrant art and enlivens a city space.  

Phase 3 

Public Reading and Forum

Poems take on yet another life as workshop participants read them aloud and dialogue with community members about what we want our city to be and the role poetry can play in physical and digital public spheres.

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