Schemes, Wordplay, and The Odd Inspirations of Battle Rap

Nov 15th 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Midwest Writing Center in the Rock Island Public Library - 401 19th Street, ground floor, Rock Island, Illinois


In Rock Island, sponsored by The Midwest Writing Center.

MWC Poet-in-Residence Aubrey Barnes will be leading a free poetry workshop at MWC on Wednesday, November 15. Here's more info:

In this workshop, students and participants will learn the elements pulled from the culture of battle rap that add a prolific thrill to writing! I will cover two elements in this workshop:

Schemes: Noun. An extended measure of bars (stanzas) executed under a particular aesthetic theme or narrative arc. Attacks wherein rappers assume the identity or universe of pop culture or literary figures are popular schemes.

Wordplay: Noun. The witty exploitation of the meaning, ambiguities, sound, composition, rhyme pattern, and layered subtext of words and phrases.

The biennial Collins Poetry Residency is generously sponsored by Dr. Robin Throne.


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