Anthology For the Love of Dog

Feb 15th 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Iowa City Yacht Club - 13 South Linn Street, Iowa City, Iowa


Sponsored by Anthology.

Which Catholic martyr do we celebrate on February 14? St. Valentine. Why do we celebrate martyrs? Because they wanted to be God's friends more than anybody else. What's a human's best friend? It's a dog. When's the next Year of the Dog start? February 16, 2018. What falls in between February 14 and February 16? February 15. What happens on February 15??? 


Bring your best pals, your closest lovers, your secret lovers, your secret dog, and your secret dog's closest lovers out to Yacht Club on February 15 to hear from another amazing lineup of Workshop, Nonfiction, and Translation writers. They've already promised to play with your heart strings and howl at your moons. #racy 

We'll hear from: 

The NWP's Taney Kurth: you're gonna love him! 
The IWW's David King: you're gonna love him! 
The IWW's Brandon Taylor: you're gonna love him! 
The IWW's Bevin O'Connor: you're gonna love her! 
Translation AND Classics' Laura Moser: you're gonna love her twice as much! 

(jk everyone we don't play like that she just comes from two departments) 

Steven and Brittany will be throwing mad love your way! And we'll finally reveal which Anthology reader we've loved THE MOST--you won't wanna miss it! One of us will be dressed like Wishbone and the *other* will be bringing his martyr complex! (He says he's "working it out in therapy," but I'll believe it when I see it.)

Anthology is Iowa City's only reading series to bring together writers from across the University of Iowa's world-renowned writing programs including the Iowa Writers' Workshop, the Nonfiction Writing Program, the Playwrights Workshop, the Spanish Writing MFA program, and the Literary Translation Works.


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